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FAQ Answer Page

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The Most Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Does Your Financing Work?
    We offer owner financing where we can sell you the home without you having to qualify at a bank.

  • How Much Of A Down Payment Do I Need?
    We can offer you several options and we will do our best to work with whatever funds you have available.

  • What Methods Of Down Payment Are Accepted ?
    Unlike most lending institutions, we accept borrowed funds for closing. If you have a close friend or relative willing to lend you money for your down payment you can use that in our programs. You may also be eligible to withdraw or borrow from your 401K to purchase a home without penalties. We also accept trades.                                                                                                                  
  • Do You Offer Down Payment Assistance Programs?
    Yes we do. A lot of times if you are a bit short on down payment we can set up a payment plan, depending on the situation.
  • Mortgage Calculator
    Use this mortgage calculator to fiqure monthly payments.
    Amount borrowed:
    Interest rate:
    Term of loan:
    Estimated monthly payment:

    How Does Your Lease Purchase Program Work?
    We can lease to own you the home with the exclusive right to purchase with a required down payment. Our buyers love it because it gives them and opportunity to get owner financing for one of our homes. We can help many with credit problems so call on us today.

      What Is The Interest Rate On Your Owner Financing?
    We have many different financing plans available to meet your needs. We offer one of the best in house financing programs. All you will need to do is send in the no cost, no obligation, easy application. We work with good, fair, and ugly credit. After you complete and send us your application, we will verify your credit, income, and employment for approval. We will then get back to you within 48 to 72 hours, sometimes within the same day to let you know what your application status is.

     I Love The Home. What Is The Next Step?
    All we need is your application. You can fill out and complete an application for fast processing. Print and Fax it over to our finance department for fast approval. We will then contact you within 48-72 hours of your approval. Please keep in mind that our homes sell quickly so time is of the essence.

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    *All pricing and monthly payments on home(s), land, and commercial properties for sale is based off of
    a formulated down payment off of the sale price of the home. Monthly payments  
    on the lease to own properties listed on our website is also formulated using a
    down payment and pricing. Please call and ask for more details...


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